Telus practices are borderline criminal

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Telus practices are borderline criminal Empty Telus practices are borderline criminal

Post  marceloa on Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:00 pm

I subscribed with Telus about 1 week ago, and so far, it has been the worst in customer care.
I first called Telus to inquire about their plans and they gave me pricing, after comparing with other carriers I decided to subscribe with them.
When I went to their store the plans were 10.00 more per month, and call id (which is something) I wanted in all phones was extra and not included as they had told me before.

Well I asked the store attendant what could he do to remove that charge, because I had one other
Carrier that had that included. He told me that if I subscribed I could call their customer retainer department and they would do something for sure(stupid me believed it).
When I got home I called and reluctantly they gave me a 3.00 discount so instead of 8.00 per month they would charge me 5.00.
They day after I decided to change my sons plan from student to regular without the data plan, because the phone had wi-fi, so I went to the store to change that. They told me right away they could not do that, and that I had to call their call center, and I could use they store phones, well, I decided to use their phone.
I was on the phone with one the attendants for about 30 minutes and basically the changes were done he just told me to wait to confirm the call id rate because I told him I had called the day before and I got a discount, all of a sudden I get disconnected, when I call back I get a different attendant, and this attendant tells me that I have to pay for the unlimited messaging, even though they advertise it.
I asked to talk with a supervisor to which she gave me a hard time. Finally I got the supervisor on the phone and she confirmed that we had unlimited messaging but she had no record of my call the day before when they gave me the call id for 5.00, all she could do would be 6.00 and it was hinted that I was lying. I was on the phone for more than an hour
Since then i had to call a couple of times with billing information, because they charge me one month in advanced so this is something I can see is going to be fun resolving at the end of the contract, and now when I call I always ask for the name and extension number of the attendant, also I bought a device to record my phone conversations and I tell them right away that I am recording the conversation.


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Telus practices are borderline criminal Empty Telus Hyghway Robbbbery

Post  rbjduran on Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:02 pm

I had iphone 4 on 3 years with Tell us....and cancelled after being billed 9.99 twice for deluxe texting of some kind ????

I spent 2 days on the phone with then and spoke to 8 different people from india that also sells air duct cleaning services I think.... may be they should stick to that ????

paid 35.00 to unlock phone and they tell me that the problem is Apple.....

Apple canada told me that..... they do not unlock phones and do no get involve with any of that....

They provide telus with software and codes.... the rest is at Telus' s Discretion and that very likely they are giving me the run around..... WOWWWW as quoted by Apple......

I trade stocks and I am part of a little network of people that does and will try to recommend taking profits and Short sell of the Telus Stock and see what that does.... Would appreciate any support on that....

Their stock is at 66 on a double top which if not broken will go to the down side.... Judging by their customer service the stock is worth 50.00....

Do not use Telus at all cost.... They will treat you like a Dog....
never seen anything like it.....


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