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Post  Lynn on Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:33 am

Ok..we thought we'd give the new internet key for high speed service for PC's...Now Telus thinks they've sent
us 3 of the darn things. They keep billing us even after we've called again and again to say that we only have one internet key. One account does not exsist ..what the hell. They've put 2 other keys on my cell phone bill. one internet key 30 and one internet 50. All we have is one internet key 50. I'm so fed up . I want nothing more to do with Telus but here we are living out in the middle of nowhere (as rual ) as you can get in the northeastern part of BC. it's all we get in this small town. We have only one PC...Not 3...Telus sucks big time. Gotta go..time to make another phone call " wait to be hung up on again."
Cheers..I hope someone out there is having a good day.....stay away from Telus. Mad


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