Telus Mobility Employee is Pissed

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Telus Mobility Employee is Pissed Empty Telus Mobility Employee is Pissed

Post  Willy Wi on Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:37 am

This isn't the most credible story, but it's an interesting one. It looks like Darcy was going to get fired. In all honesty, I'd probably fire him too. At least his heart was in a good place. Please excuse Darcy's spelling and grammar. Enjoy.

darcy shawchek wrote:

I HATE TELUS I sell cellphones for telus at avu in bc there lying cheating bastards that mislead even there own cell selling pawns. About 1.5 months ago i sold a 580 aircard to a guy with the conect megabyte 100 unlimited plan and told him it was unlimited as the plan brosure clearly stated. the guy came back to the store frantic with a 14000.00 internet bill telus told him his limit was 250 megabytes and he was to pay at least 50% of the bill in order to keep his good credit rating.
the realy bad thing and themost dishartening thing is that on the plan brosure beside the stated (UNLIMITED) is a minute #1 wha the hell is it? Well if you flip the brosure over it says in very fine print “TELUS Mobillity reserves the right to limit usage to 100 megabytes per month” quote unquote.
those misleading money grubling loosers care more about screwing thier customers than coming up with a technology to allow there customers to use there product without blind faith.
some devious prick admin thought of this intentialy to rake in the millions and most likely got a huge cut
and im the stupid blind arse that caused it. not to mention that i also sined a good freind to an aircard for the same purpose. the 14000.00 was for the use of the aircard to play an online game called “world of war crack”
an extremely addictive online game that can easily be played on a dial up modem. half of 14000.00 hardly seems fair and if you sell a product for internet usage you should be able to use it especialy for 100.00 a month for a crappy slow internet connection.

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darcy shawchek wrote:

if any body has any help fo me in abling me to revolt against telus feel free to email me at dr.shawchek@hotmail .com

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darcy shawchek wrote:

please remove my coments, i fear my employment if it isnt removed by tomorow

Willy Wi

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