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Telus Mobility Customer Service Empty Telus Mobility Customer Service

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:40 pm

I CALLED Telus Customer Service to cancel my cell phone contract because I am NOT SATISFIED WITH TELUS CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I waited almost 1 hour and a half on the phone to speak to someone. I am a Web Developer that charges around $100/hour for my time. My time is precious to me.

Someone answered to tell me that if I wanted to cancell my contract it would have to pay a FEE of $120.00

I said ALLRIGHT I waited around 2 hours on the phone to speak with you. I usually charge $100 hour so I'll send you an invoice of $200 you can substract your $120.00 FEE and you can send me the remaining $80.00 by mail.

TELUS REP hung up!


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Telus Mobility Customer Service Empty Telus mobility cancellation

Post  Earth Mo on Fri Jul 04, 2008 4:40 pm

By now most of the unsatisfied ex-clients probably have posted a complaint ,so this is why I'm venting here and have now joined the legions of unsatisfied ex-Telus clients. My story begins with , In my mind a simple transaction involving my existing phone number to transfer to another user, with the proper Telus documentaton the service, in my mind was complete. To my amusment a bill came to me which should have been to the new user . No bother I forwarded the bill to the new user and it was paid. Well I'll be a monkeys cousin,I recieved another one.! So a simple phone call to Telus customer service(I've been trained to shuck an jive) we'll look in to it and the billing will work out later department...With no headroom left I was force to tell them to cancel the account rather than putting up with the reasons(bull dung) they could not perform a simple task .I'm sorry Telus is simply not as advanced as telephone banking ! With this I will probably tell many of my clients my story. Anyone in marketing knows that unsatisfied people will spead the bad news like a virus .So Mr Rob Durham SR. VP, client Operations you should get off your ass before your boss take note of the declining client list .Oh by the way I've recieved another bill for the months previous for this month .

Earth Mo

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Telus Mobility Customer Service Empty Telus screwed me too

Post  Revenga1 on Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:54 am

Hi Everyone,

I am new here, this is my first post. I am so frustrated with Telus right now and I am looking to find out if anyone else has had a similar experience.

The last few months with Telus have been nothing short of a disaster. I recently moved to a new area in Burlington and whenever I am home I have no service. This is a problem for about a 5 block radius around my residence despite the fact there is a cell phone tower 2 blocks away. I called and reported the issue to Telus who opened a ticket for investigation. After waiting over a week and hearing nothing back I contacted them and was told that they confirmed the lack of service but that because I am on the old CDMA network there was nothing that could be done. I'm guessing this would require a network upgrade and they no longer wish to sink money into their old network. I understand this and that's fine, but since this is really their network issue and not a problem with my phone I was hoping they would be willing to work with me on this. My cell phone battery is constantly dying because it is constantly looking for signal whenever I'm home. I cannot place calls or on the rare instance that I can the calls drop. Data doesn't work either, basically whenever I'm home I have a brick that I cannot use but pay 80.00 a month for. I have 1.5 years left on my contract.
I called Telus again in the hopes they would give me some form of customer service gesture and show a willingness to assist me resolve this issue perhaps by allowing me to upgrade to their new network which works fine where I live.
After being transfered 3 times to various people I was sent to their retention department where I spoke with a very rude lady who instantly became defensive when I explained my situation. She immediately said I should upgrade to their new network and because I was a valuable customer of over 7 years they could charge me half of my cancellation fee to get out of my contract on the old network then purchase a new phone at what I think was 100.00 off the full price with another 3 year contract on their new network. I explained to her that new customers get a better deal than that and I didn't feel it was fair that i had to pay to get out of my contract and pay almost full price for a new phone. It's not as if I just woke up and decided I would like a new phone and upgrade to the new network. I just want a phone that works considering I am paying over 80 bucks a month for nothing right now. She then proceeded to go into the "no guarantee of service speach" which is fine, expect this isn't an outage or some uncontrollable circumstance, this is a valid and confirmed issue for which there will be no resolution.
I explained to her that the week before Telus retentions allowed my boyfriend (who lives with me) to cancel out of his contract free of charge and then gave him the new customer price for a phone on the new network. The lady I had on the phone told me he was lying and they never do that, to which I replied that he was not lying I was standing right there when he spoke to them on the phone. After much debate and her speaking over me she advised me I would get nothing else from them and she would note that on my account. In frustration I decided it was time to end the call since I wasn't getting anywhere.
This is all on top of me giving Telus almost 700 bucks in the last two months for billing issues they created by making mistakes on my account when I asked that my share plan be cancelled and that the other phone on the account go to my ex husband who was to call in and take over that portion of the contract. Instead of doing this they created a dual billing account and somehow I began receiving 250.00 bills twice. It took me forever to get that resolved and it ended in me having to pay out the second contract myself. I was willing to pay that once since that wasn't their fault, but this time it is their issue and they are completely unwilling to work with me.

*sigh* I am so frustrated that at this point I think I'll just pay another 300 to get out of the contract and just go somewhere else... the sad part is that until recently I liked Telus, but this experience has left a horrible taste in my mouth. Has anyone else had problems like this and if so did you get them resolved or did you have to go elsewhere for your service?

Thanks for listening to my rant


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Telus Mobility Customer Service Empty Re: Telus Mobility Customer Service

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