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Telus Sucks on Facebook Empty Telus Sucks on Facebook

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:29 pm

I was wondering... how is Telus faring on facebook? What a suprise, there are pages and pages of anti-Telus groups. The largest one, called Telus Sucks, has more than 400 members. You can visit these pages here:

I'm sure there are more if you really look. My favorite post so far is this one:

"Yep. my Dad just bought a phone as a gift for someone, turns out they already had one, now they won't let him out of the contract. The box is still unopened, and hasn't used a second on the plan. Now they want 700$ to terminate the contract.Way to take advantage of a 70 year old man who can barely speak english Telus. Good job!"

Way to go Telus - Barf.


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