HELP - Trying to cancel a cell phone is IMPOSSIBLE, apparently

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HELP - Trying to cancel a cell phone is IMPOSSIBLE, apparently Empty HELP - Trying to cancel a cell phone is IMPOSSIBLE, apparently

Post  Maevre on Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:32 pm

This is a LONG story, so I apologize. But if anyone can help or if anyone is in the same boat, I'd love to hear from you!

So, I had a three year contract with Telus Mobility, during which time I received the poorest service in the world. I literally had my end of contract date circled on the calendar. Now, because Telus bills a month in advance, I checked my bill cycle date so that I could call them and have my cancellation on the day instead of getting suckered into another month.

Easy, yeah?

So April 9th, I called. Got that "due to high caller" thing, waited, waited, waited. My cell phone battery died. Plugged it in, waited for it to charge enough to make a call. Called again, waited, waited, waited. Looked at the time and decided, "you know what? I'll email them, that way they have it in writing so they can't dispute it". So I emailed, and they sent me an email back the next day saying they'd received it and forwarded it on. I went "yay!" so much easier than normally dealing with Telus Mobility!


A couple of days later I went on to make sure everything had gone according to plan. They hadn't cancelled my cell phone AND they'd billed me another month. I immediately called and magically got through almost immediately. FIRST the guy said they hadn't received any such email, and I told him that must be pretty difficult since you responded to it. He said "oh yeah, we got your email, but we can't cancel your phone". I immediately asked why, that's ridiculous, and the guy said "it's part of our terms of use, you have to call us". I asked to see where in the terms of use that was printed, because I'd read it before I got my phone (I'm one of those people that actually reads stuff haha). The guy assured me it was there and said was very sorry, no dice, we're charging you an extra month. Oh hale naw you aren't, I sent that email before the end of my billing cycle for a reason. I have been waiting three years for this day. You aren't taking it away from me.

So he changes his story again. "Ma'am, you were called on the 12th". Uh. No. I wasn't. "Yes you were". Oh look, my cell phone says.... no missed calls, no new messages. You did not call me. Change again: "Oh, I see here, it says we called your cell phone and the inbox was full, so we left a message on your home phone". I told him there was NO MISSED CALLS on my cell, checked my home phone, and it said the same thing. No missed calls and no new messages. I told him this much, and he went CRAZY. Started calling me a liar and that I was wasting his time and if I'd just called them in the first place this wouldn't have been a problem. I explained that I didn't have access to my home phone the day I called and my cell battery died once and it was getting super late, so I sent the email, which should have been sufficient. I asked to be escalated and he kept freaking out that it was my own fault and they called and I was just going to have to pay the extra month. I told him there was no way I was paying.

We hung up, and I called back to try and get someone else. Again, waiting, waiting, waiting. Two hours, so I decided I'd call back later and shoot off another email. My emails weren't responded to. About a month of this nonsense later, I got an email saying that my phone had been suspended. Since I wasn't even using it, I didn't know. I called again and was met by my all time favourite worst Telus employee - Andrew. So I went through the whole thing with him, and asked them to PLEASE cancel my phone as of the date I requested and STOP CHARGING ME. He was a JERK. He was sarcastic, rude, actually told me to shut up, kept interrupting me and trying to give me a new phone and new contract. He laughed at me, you name it. I asked him to escalate me. He said no. I said look, I'm getting no where with you, you aren't helping me, you're being rude and I don't want to deal with you anymore, you're lying and saying that you guys called me when you didn't. I even printed off my list of incoming calls. Telus wasn't on there at ALL and I had NO incoming called from April 3rd onward, so they were just plain making it up. He again called me a liar. I told him his customer service sucked and asked to speak to another representative. He mockingly said "your customer skills sucked" and then refused to transfer me. I hung up.

So I called right back, and got this super sweet oriental guy. I explained everything and he went "what? That's insane. They should have just cancelled it. We cancel by email all the time." I was so happy someone finally had a brain and that I might FINALLY get this sorted. He told me he was just going to put me on hold and take care of it. I was about to throw a party when he came back on, and in the background I could hear "don't you dare, she's..." but it was muffled. He said he was really, really, really sorry but "they" wouldn't let him cancel my phone. I asked why and he murmured "tactic" and then said he was really sorry. I sighed and said thank you for being polite and that he'd done a good job and I would figure something out.

I sent more emails, made more phone calls, all to the same end. The other day I got a call from collections. The lady at collections said she was calling me to give me a heads up on it, and that they dealt with this stuff from Telus and Telus Mobility all the time. I told them I was still trying to sort it out with Mobility and explained what had happened. She just sighed and said they dealt with that same thing nearly every week from Telus. I thanked her for giving me a heads up that I had until the end of July.

Immediately I called Telus back, got the same run around. I then complained about Andrew, and the guy said "you hung up on him!" I told him of course I did, he was telling me to shut up and mocking what I was saying and being rude. We went back and forth, and finally this guys said "we can't talk to you because your account is in Collections". I explained it WASN'T in collections until the first of August. They hung up on ME.

SO. I don't know if I'm just stupid and this is all very obvious or what, but I refuse to pay for service when I've CANCELLED and had a response to the cancellation. They've changed their story five times now. They yell, threaten and name-call. When you try to calmly explain the situation they interrupt you or call you a liar. I'm at the end of my rope. A friend of mine used to do Litigation and looked at all of my paperwork that I've complied on it, along with the emails they sent me and I sent them, and his reaction was "they don't stand a chance if you sue". Problem is, I have no money to sue them, so I'm hoping to work this out via the CRTC or the CCTS.

Has anyone else run into a problem even REMOTELY similar? I'm no pro but this is just.. it's just so ridiculous that if it hadn't happened to me, I wouldn't believe it. This has been going on for three and a half months. I have no idea what else to do.


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