Telus Samsung a885 sucks

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Telus Samsung a885 sucks Empty Telus Samsung a885 sucks

Post  TheBogie on Tue May 17, 2011 5:38 pm

Low battery life
Terrible reception
can't even use telus apps
button design easily unlocks the phone while in your pocket, then the touchscreen fires up the internet and you are stuck with random data charges each month. T.M's solution is to block data on your phone, great....except that your new dumb phone can now not send picture or video messages. Yay! My expensive but good plan is now partially useless until my contract is up and I can get a better phone. Has anybody experienced this? Have you got a solution? I was a victim (sucker) of a brilliant telemarketing campaign to saddle me with a 3 year contract for a great plan, but the worst handset ever as no other choice of phone was offered.


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