Telus Mobility Nightmare

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Telus Mobility Nightmare Empty Telus Mobility Nightmare

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:26 pm

Now this is simply chilling...

We have just finished a one year ordeal with Telus and one of their collection agencies. We were informed last February that my husband had a $6,000 debt with Telus that was from Jan 2002. We moved so he phoned for a new phone number. We had never ever been contacted by them previously regarding this debt. We had been harassed and abused by the collection agency and Telus staff while trying to fight this and obtain what proof they had to seek payment from us.

We never rec'd any proof to this day. In November the debt was put on my husbands credit report and once we found out we filed a dispute with credit reporting company. Since this we now have a letter from the collection agency saying that my husband is no longer responsible and he had called Telus where they have told him that they do have a different name and signature on file for the contract and account in question.

How can they get away with doing this to people. If we werent strong enough to fight as best we could and not be strong armed into paying it, we would be totally screwed by Telus.

Kim and Don F



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