Telus is despicable

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Telus is despicable Empty Telus is despicable

Post  dirkstee on Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:45 pm

I truly hate Telus. All my dealings with them are painful. I'd end my mobility contract with them today if I could afford the ludicrous payout, but I'm stuck. It's about time there is a website to vent on. Thank you!

Telus takes "caveat emptor" (let the buyer beware) to a whole new level. I thought Rogers was bad but Telus has
taken my cell phone experience to a whole new level of suck.

If I had been thinking more clearly and not got sucked into to getting a 3 year contract, I would have avoided Telus forever.

Some specific things I hate about Telus.

1) Their website. Sucks. It is confusing and non-user friendly and annoying to use to say the least. You'd think such a greedy corporation like Telus could afford some half-decent web designers but noooo.

2) My LG Dare phone, its fine for phoning but the Music Player is pile of dung that reaches to the heavens with its stink. It is a completely broken MP3 player and I'd rather cut my eyes out with glass instead of trying to use it.

Also the fact that Telus is so greedy and stingy when it comes to ringtones. With my (old) Nokia I could happily create my own MP3 ringtones but Telus has decided you can only buy new ones. And all of ones on the Telus site SUCK! Also they have basically locked out any functionality to connect my computer to the phone to change contacts, download texts, or the like. Why? It's because Telus is a total money sucking corporate monster killjoy...and this is what they want their customer service reps to be like...

3) All of which are rude, interrupt a lot, give out a lot of useless information, treat me like an idiot. To be fair (not to Telus but to the people that work there) i have been given some satisfaction regarding some charges that were not correct, however if Telus were actually a decent company, those charges shouldnt have existed in the first place. They are also basically incompetent. I wanted to get unlimited daytime minutes to 1 number in the US. One rep told me this was possible for just $10 a month extra....only because i dont trust Telus as far as I can throw them caused me to call them back and check and this rep had been talking out their butt!!! If I hadnt checked I would have been dinged for major daytime minutes charges! Ridiculous! The reps have the attitude that you are just the stupid slave who they own as long as your contract lasts and they are total know-it-alls who tell you what to think. I pretty much always have to be loud and abrupt every time i get on the phone with Telus or they just abuse me.

I could go on and on...but I HATE TELUS!!!!!!!! No


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