Play by Telus rules and get screwed

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Play by Telus rules and get screwed Empty Play by Telus rules and get screwed

Post  chocolat on Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:11 pm

I recently bought an LG Chocolate from Telus on the recommendation of the sales manager - it was supposed to do everything the IPhone does, but be less expensive. That obvious lie aside... A couple of weeks in, and the phone hung, internet was slow or got a "service unavailable", hung up on folks, and wouldn't sync to my Outlook calendar nor contacts, plus there was a lot of issues accessing email outside of wifi areas (and even sometimes within wifi), and there are no apps or games that I've found that you can download to it, so wysiwyg. I contacted the helpless desk and they told me I had set the software up wrong. Hmmm, what about the internet and email download issues. Email is through Shaw, must be their problem. Internet, well, I'm sure you don't know how to use a phone let alone google. Hmmm, so, I followed their instructions, reloaded psync, reset up my email, reset-up contacts, still doesn't work right. I went back to the store and told them of my frustration, and they gave me a "special" phone number to get through to the DNA. Turns out it's the same number the 1-800 goes to. Sigh. again, the CSR (probably the 5th one that call since the others either hung-up on me, got disconnected, told me the system was down and he had never heard of the LG Chocolate BL40 and Telus has never sold this model so what an idiot are you!!?) was a bit confused and told me I had to call LG to fix the software issue. Oh yeah, each person who did speak with me said they had not had training on this model so please bear with them as they would try to check out the online manual. anyway, I called LG and they said they couldn't help, go to Telus. Back to the store today to say I am done, give me a new phone or I walk. The store handed me their land phone, after kindly dialling the DNA number, and I had to walk through the speal with a CSR, then a slightly senior CSR, then the retention desk. The loyalty and retention desk tells me it's between me and LG now, not a Telus problem and I have to go through LG warranty. I said if I had known what I know now 4 weeks ago, I would have gotten a totally different phone, right? Right. So, by following their rules and their process, I'm now stuck with a phone that doesn't work, doesnt' do what I need it to, with a company that has no clue how to support it for 34 more months. Yup. I'm screwed.


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