48 hours wait to renew phone

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48 hours wait to renew phone Empty 48 hours wait to renew phone

Post  cracker on Fri Feb 05, 2010 6:54 pm

I have 2 phones with telus and just renewed one as contract came to an end. i purchased a new curve for $24 after all paper work he informs there was a problem and phone wont worj
k for up to 48 hours. I say "wtf". I leave the store call telus and he tells me its the store that didnt send info and he has no info of a contract renewal, so i wait till morning. Still phone doesnt work, i go back in to complain to guy and he tells me its not the store and assures me it will be running soon. so I call back telus. This is good. i request to have my contract cancelled as i only have 2 days left with the old phone on it. They send me to other department, She tells me it would cost $50 to cancel my existing contract although only 2 days left. I say "OK fine cancel it" she agrees....Half way between cancelling it I tell here " you know your store sold me a new curve for $ 24 right?" ...Long pause....." did you renew?"....."yes"......long pause......"but thats ok i would still like to cancel contract"....."well sometimes sir it gets stuck in the sysytem and it takes 24 hours" ..." ill take a manager please" to shorten story they gave me 1 month free we will see


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48 hours wait to renew phone Empty watch out for their processes

Post  chocolat on Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:14 pm

if it's not working, don't wait, take it back and get your 24 back. Better in your pocket than Telus'.


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