Cancelation fees and customer service experience.

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Cancelation fees and customer service experience. Empty Cancelation fees and customer service experience.

Post  Raf on Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:48 pm

Hi everybody,

Back in August this year I got in a store (in Montreal) a 3 years contract with Telus and a Blabkberry Pearl. As I'm going in Europe every 2 months for work I asked the seller (in the Telus store) if this phone was working outside the country... of course he said !

Too bad for me, this phone doesnt work in Europe because of the network... it's not GSM...
I called their customer service to find a solution and the answer was : get a new phone, Blackberry world, and pay for !
I said no because they wanted me to pay 500$ for a new phone when the seller sold me something I don't need and which is not working when I'm outside the country. More this phone is cutting off the line in my appartment if I'm not near the window ! They also said to sale my Pearl to get back some money.
I asked how many it costs to cancel because they had nothing more to offer me... bit more than 600$ ! I said ok because they don't care about my problem and never said a simple "sorry".

The day after I spoke to them, I got a call, recorded, from Telus asking to wait on the line to get someone, strange but I waited.
A guy came on the line telling me I caled and the call cut off so he was calling me back... I said no I didn't call, and the guy started to do some "retention". Telling me I should get a prepaid phone in Europe !! Explaining me it was cheaper... LOL... not really... Well I just told him it was ridiculous and I need my phone from Canada to work there. He agreed it wasn't great... and just told me Telus will have a GSM network in 2010 !

Frustrated by those calls, I wrote an email to their customer service asking for a supervisor to call me. After 3 emails with them because they don't know how to read today I got the supervisor's call. Well, calls, the first one cut off, because I wasn't near the window... remember this !
The supervisor listened a bit till I started to say that the call I got hidden by the guy to try some retention and his solution was it a procedure of the company ? He put me on hold, for sure, came back and purposed me to get the Blackberry world for 300$ and they'll take back my Pearl. I said no and my roblem was now more on the cancelation fees because finally they did the mistake and they are treating me as a wallet... Final answer they don't care and they won't change them.

Telus is bad, from A to Z, not I'm looking for a name, a director by exemple, at the customer service because I feel frustrated and I won't pay their 600$ for sure, no way. They're nice the first time and after nobody's there... awful experience.


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