Why do they exist?

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Why do they exist? Empty Why do they exist?

Post  Adam And on Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:58 am

About a week ago I called telus and was transferred to the network resolving department. They trouble shot with me and told me to reprogram my networking list which I did... they told me to use the phone for another week and if it continued to have problems to call. a week went by and call drops proceeded to get worse... now I do have friends who have telus phones and they say the have the same issues... so I called in once again and asked to be transferred to the network resolution center, I was questioned on why I wanted to be transferred there so I told them, I was told to talk to them once again. She proceeded to probe me and ask trivial questions. I asked “could you please transfer me?” She then told me to bring my phone to a store and have it sent for repairs which would require a deposit and my contacts would be deleted... I asked again if she would transfer me and she said no... I then told her that the problem for my call is not being resolved and that she was lacking in customer relationship skills… she then laughed and interrupted what I was saying on many levels… I did not get angry with her but maintained a good tone… Now I work at TD Canada trust, the bank. I know the many ways to maintain a customer and none of these steps were taken with me… Is it because I am already in a contract with them that they don’t take the time to help, or is it because they’re employees are just not trained? Anyways I am on my way to the store now to bring the phone in and get a “loaner” phone.. Just one question… How does a company with this poor of customer service still exist?

Adam And

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