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Post  70GMan on Sat May 24, 2008 3:23 pm

Well, this might be contrary to the majority of folks around here, but I've actually not had such a hard time with my Telus Pay & Talk plan.

I've got a $40 package that was offered for only three months before being discontinued. I assume that it was introduced to compete with other carriers' similar plans, then discontinued after many attempts to get customers to switch to a contract. Telus marketers called me several times a week during the month just before this plan was discontinued, so I assume it was all a marketing plan to begin with.

Anyway, I'm happy with the plan, so I've kept it and have had to monitor my account quite closely to ensure it is not 'accidentally' not renewed (which did indeed happen the first month the plan was discontinued).

Since then, I have had a number of charges ('non-financial adjustment') posted to my account which were supposedly related to 'download charges' or web-browsing sites included in the plan (for example, I was charged a number of $.05 and $.10 'adjustments' for browsing to the 100 included sites *and* even!)

As I do monitor my account closely, I collect these and call to have them reversed every so often. I have *never* had any trouble getting the charges reversed and with one exception, have been treated with respect and concern when I contact Client Care.

The latest charge is a 911 Access Fee. On the first page of my included features, amongst Caller ID, Call Waiting, etc. which I do not pay for, it clearly lists that the '911 Access Fee' is an included feature. Despite telling me that I have been charged this before (I have not, in 5 months,) the charge was refunded.

I've dealt with a variety of folks at the call centre and again, have not had any trouble working these out with them with anyone.

Though the charges should not appear at all and I do need to take around 1/2 hour each 'session', this doesn't seem onerous to me. I do understand people's problems with Telus in general, as I had the exact opposite experience in dealing with my land-line, but have had no trouble with the mobility division.

Weird, but true.


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